For an enterprise where users authenticate against Active Directory nothing matches the broad array of services and customization offerings packed into SharePoint.

Since 2003 SharePoint has offered large organizations an easy to manage tool to share documents and manage access and permissions.

The 2010 release really began delivering on the rich customization options enterprises needed for their SharePoint team and department sites. New web parts like the Content Editor, Content Query, and HTML Forms Editor allowed Developers to provide richer dynamic experiences for their users. And this release’s InfoPath features allowed Developers and Power Users to create rich customized List Forms.

For the 2013 release Microsoft rebuilt SharePoint to give enterprises a richer set of client-side development opportunities.

I’ve been developing for SharePoint intensely since the 2010 release, building custom forms and workflows, automating many business processes. And in SharePoint 2013 & 2016 (both on-premise and SP Online) I build custom applications that allow users to submit data in webforms (cross-platform responsive), providing senior leadership real-time actionable data and reporting capabilities.

To learn more about how SharePoint can increase your company or department’s productivity, contact me.