The Extras

When considering someone to develop your company’s website, all the providers may seem to offer the same services. And without knowing the right questions it’s easy to make the wrong choice. Here’s what to ask and what sets us apart:

  • Do They Include Comprehensive Training? — Built into every development plan is a minimum 4 hours of training that includes digital, print and video tutorials, designed to ensure your people will be adept at adding/editing content.
  • Do You Retain Total Ownership? — You would not believe how many business owners pay top dollar for a website that they don’t even own! Many developers keep the admin password to their clients’ site, ensuring the client HAS to come back for high-level changes. That’s not the case with me. You’ll have full admin access to your site’s backend.
  • Is Pricing By The¬†Project or Hour? — Developers typically charge by the hour, ensuring that when you need additional changes not originally covered in the original project meeting, you’ll pay more. I never charge by the hour. I know for certain that you will want more than originally discussed. It’s the nature of it. And I won’t charge more for that. The quote is for the entire project, allowing you to edit the content as many times as you need to ensure the site reflects your business properly.

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