What You Get

Considerable journalism, marketing and technical experience mean you’ll get more than a website that looks nice. When you put my WordPress consulting and design expertise to work for you, you get a unique skillset blend, including:

  • Customized Look & Feel — Many so-called WordPress consultants lack technical and design knowledge, leaving their clients with websites that all look the same. With a background in PHP development combined with an understanding of design standards and methodologies ensures you’ll have a website unique in look and feel.
  • Graphics and Icon Development — Beyond customization, graphics and icons enhance your brand and keep you front-of-mind when your site visitors need your services.
  • Copywriting — Good writing seems to be a dying art. My journalism and writing background combined with marketing experience ensures that not only will your site’s content be structurally correct – reflecting well on you – but the terminology and phraseology will be written with an eye to engaging your customers and selling your products/services.

More than 50 Million websites are built using WordPress and it’s the platform that powers half of the 1,000 most often visited sites on the web. Discover why, click the button below.

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When considering someone to develop your company’s website, everyone seems the same. Discover what to ask and what sets us apart, click the button below.

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